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Our Founder

Hello there! I’m Jordanne and I founded The Tica Project in April 2021!


This company is the product of 6 years as a photographer for a bigger company, a degree in Hispanic Studies that led me to research Costa Rica's Environmental Education approach, plus a year volunteering in Sea Turtle Conservation and Ecology Education in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula.

I started The Tica Project so that I could make a living out of photography, but also to contribute to the production of material to educate the public on issues surrounding the protection of endangered species and indigenous communities. 

Feel free to get in touch and talk to me about your projects, conservation goals, and documentary pitches! I'm all ears!


Bring on a lifetime’s dedication to capturing joy and trying to save what is left of paradise!






We specialise in photographing Student and Professional Dancers, Theatre Productions, Dance Showcases, Salsa and other Dance Festivals and Congresses, Live Performances, Professional Headshots, and even New-born Babies. 

We are not just photographers, we’re filmmakers, artists, and warrior-like advocates for indispensable Wildlife Conservation Projects in the world’s most vulnerable ecosystems.   

We also produce and contribute to film content that supports the conservation of wildlife and indigenous communities all over the world. We love nothing more than supporting young people, young companies, new projects, and female leaders in getting their faces and their work out there!



A Little About Us...

Our Ethos

Photography and Filmmaking for Wildlife Conservation. 

Costa Rica is the world's most biodiverse country, its people care deeply for the environment, and our founder quickly fell in love with the beauty of it all.


For this reason, we pride ourselves on being as sustainable and green as we can be. This is why we shoot in digital, print with vegan inks, use plantable paper for our promotional materials, avoid plastic packaging, and financially support Wildlife Conservation Projects in Costa Rica - where this all began!

Just because we've got our own thing going on, doesn't mean we're not seeking to collaborate with other projects! If you're a filmmaker looking for content creators, fixers, researchers or an assistant producer... do not hesitate to get in touch!


A portion of our profit is donated to Wildlife Conservation Projects that we believe contribute to the health of our entire planet. Many of these projects rely on generous donations to fund equipment and training, to feed volunteers, and to take care of sick or injured creatures.


We are currently supporting ‘COPROT - Tortugas de Osa’ in Río Oro of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. This region is the world's most biodiverse area and its oldest inhabitants are in danger - a frightening reflection of the state of affairs worldwide.


 COPROT patrols the beaches in Río Oro, relocating turtle nests to safe locations, reporting poachers, collecting vital data, and devising innovate ways to protect the eggs and hatchlings from predators and fatal human activity, in addition to contributing to essential community education and engagement schemes. The turtles that COPROT saves benefit the health of the world's oceans - not just in Costa Rica!


Click here to find out more about this incredible project and how else you can support their work:


Our Partner Project



Whether you're a dance student looking to create your own portfolio of movement shots to boost your career, or if you belong to an academic dance department, independent dance/theatre company or student society, we would love to be a part of your journey, capturing movement and stunning headshots that present each performer's talent and individual character, according to their needs. We bring the professional studio experience to your own dance or performance space at student - friendly prices.



Whether you're a student about to dive into an industry, or if you've got years of headshots behind you already, we can capture the true you, in the right light for the kind of audience you'll be facing. We've worked with choreographers, commercial CEOs, headteachers, dancers, and even young founders of start-ups. We're proud to say that 100% of our clients have cited 'feeling at ease', 'recognising themselves', and they've all been able to use their headshots for professional profiles and applications. Whether you're an individual, or thinking of enquiring about a group booking, don't hesitate to get in touch!


We know that every baby's character and every parent's home is different, so we tailor our Newborn & Family Portrait shoots to you. Whether you're after artistic shots for the wall that put your little one into the tropical rainforest with the hummingbirds, or if you just wish to capture every beautiful detail of the tiny human you've created in your home, The Tica Project has enough creativity and experience to put thought to photograph. We offer in - home sessions lasting 90 minutes with a full digital gallery included and a variety of print options which you can choose after seeing your portraits. We don't just photograph your baby either; parents, siblings and furry friends are ALWAYS WELCOME!


Capturing 'Pura Vida'
to Support International Wildlife Conservation Projects

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